Yvonne was pointing out that the $20 discount & the $582 worth of bonuses that we are giving to everyone who purchased Send Button Profits is not nearly big enough to entice some of our more reserved readers. She told me, "You know that when you first used Send Button Profits, you were blown away […]

Autopilot cash? Now? My friend Ben Shaffer sent me an email yesterday that I had to share with you: Hi Micheal & Yvonne, My bestselling product Auto Cash Method has been off the market since August as I promised that I would raise the price. With one thing and another though, I didn’t get around […]

I’m going to assume certain things in this email so that I can get right to the good stuff. I’m going to assume: -you know you should be building a list -you are probably frustrated that it’s taking so long -the traffic you are getting just isn’t converting as well as you would like -you […]