If video is the new traffic and sales conversion King…do you know how YOU are going to sell products with video? And it seems today more than EVER affiliates are raising the bar… This short video shows you how my friend Jeff is killing it right now with easy to make videos. Click the link […]

If salesletters are DEAD (as everyone is saying) then how are YOU going to sell your products? Saleseletters certainly aren’t working as well as they use to in my business anymore and I’m not alone… My buddy Ryan Deiss made a short video to show you how he’s killing it right now WITHOUT salesletters! Click […]

Would You Believe Nobody Took Me Up On My FREE Bootcamp? I sent an email out to my list of over 7000 people. I told them about the contest where the best comment on my blog at http://autorespondercodebonus.com would get my $2,495 Value, 6 Week Video Bootcamp at no charge! All they had to do […]

Rather than lay out a scenario of total hype and extreme exaggeration, Yvonne & I wanted to invite you to be part of our team before the launch. You see, the gurus are starting to promote this week, when the prelaunch is finally announced to the world. We already told you that Ewen Chia is […]