When Melford and Concetta Bibens were going through their horrible bankruptcy 2 years ago, they thought they had lost their shot at living a lifestyle that they had watched others living while they struggled in the Catskills with their Gym. Yet today, Melford and Concetta have a lifestyle that many only dream about. They start […]

Jeff Johnson announced that his Traffic Voodoo course is closing down Friday night at 11:59PM for those who are waiting on their paycheck before they take the plunge! It is worth every penny that Jeff is asking for the course. He extended the training to a FULL 6 Months, and some of the bonuses he […]

Melford and Concetta Bibens are finally revealing their Fast Income Formula to a limited number of people by private invitation only! Because you are one of my loyal readers, I am inviting you to look it over: Click here to watch their very revealing video. Melford and Concetta used to run a gym in the […]