When creating products, I use a few tools all the time. Most of these tools are free, and when they are not free, they are inexpensive enough to make it a no brainer to purchase.

Video Toolbox

First of all, you need a screen capture program, and if you use Windows, you should have the windows snipping tool: SnippingTool.exe

Just do a search on your computer by selecting the start button, and typing SnippingTool.exe in the search box. When you find it, create a shortcut to it on your desktop, your start menu and your quick launch bar, because you will find that you use it a LOT!

Now the snipping tool is only good for still images, but with still images, you can create videos. All you need is a good video program like Windows Movie Maker (now called Windows Live Movie Maker) on Windows computers. Mac owners have a tool for this on their systems, too.

If you want the ability to capture video on your computer, you can use a free program called Jing Project. http://jingproject.com

It gives you the ability to create 5 minute screen capture videos or still image screen captures. This allows you the ability to create modules for a video product, where you teach how to do one task at a time that takes less than 5 minutes to complete.

What other tools do you like to use for creating products?

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