I want to tell you about some software that will blast a hole in the argument that I keep hearing:

“But I just don’t have the time to do all that!”

Two software products will crack that argument like an eggshell!

First is the traffic generation powerhouse called Easy Desktop Traffic!  That is my name for it, because it resides on my desktop and it lets me write a press release and submit it to hundreds of websites to get me inbound links to my website.

After I finish doing that, I then write an article and submit it to the database of Article submission sites using Easy Desktop Traffic.  Then I take an article and read it in front of my webcam, and submit it to hundreds of websites using Easy Desktop Traffic


But in the mean time, I used my other software to log me in to my accounts to access affiliate links, do keyword research and find other information for my article, then I used that same software, Easy Button Marketer, to actually write the article for me after I filled out the couple of dialog boxes it placed in front of me…


Easy Button Marketer is a program that will let you do lots of tedious tasks more quickly, especially if you are smart and order the upsell that gives you more tasks that the software will do for you!


Don’t like to write?  Easy Button Marketer will let you take three EzineArticles and write 12 autoresponder emails to

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place in your http://4aweber.com account!  It took me longer to find the 3 articles on EzineArticles.com (4 minutes) than it did for Easy Button Marketer to write the emails and format them for the autoresponder.

I highly recommend these two programs for your toolbox, but you should be running these every day, because they will not do you any good sitting on your hard drive.

So here they are again, and since I told you about them, the least you can do is buy them from me, and then when you have extra time to play golf while your websites are making you money, you can invite me to play golf with you!

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Easy Button Marketer: http://easybuttonmarketer.com

Easy Desktop Traffic: http://easydesktoptraffic.com

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – You should check out the course that is teaching what you should be doing with that software to really be making a ton of money…


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