Jeff Dedrick has a knack for finding money making ways to cross promote from business to business or within your

farmer's market and cruise ship
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own business.  He was on the same cruise ship that I was last week, and while I was having a blast, he actually studied the marketing methods of the cruise line and how they made hundreds of thousands of dollars by getting you to cruise with them.

The video is at where he also has created a membership site where you can add bonuses to anyone’s website, thereby getting new leads each time someone chooses to download your bonus.  You can also add other peoples’ bonuses to your own website, which gives your customers a higher perceived value for your product!  What a win-win way to do business!

So how could you use this?

If you create a membership site or sell a product using RAP (Rapid Action Profits), you can add the code supplied in the members area of Easy Button Bonus and place it on your download page or inside the members area of your membership site.

By adding value to your product, you can raise the price or your conversion numbers, or both!

That is all I have time to cover right now, because I am still putting my new software, Easy Button Marketer from Eric Holmlund, through its paces, so I can start planning out my mornings working in new markets.

So far I only have one complaint, but the tech support guys will have it fixed before I am even done writing this…lol.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

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