You need a product to sell to your audience. What? You don’t have an audience? Without a product, you might find it difficult to build one.

I guess that sounds a little paradoxical.

But when you are building a list, you really need to have an idea of what you want to sell them. Often, people tell me that they are going to sell affiliate products to their list. Not a bad plan, but what they find after six months is that their list has abandoned them for the product owners of the products that they had just purchased. They made a commission and then lost the subscriber. If you spend less than the commissions you earned to get that subscriber and make the sale, it is a fair trade. Most of the time, though, the price of acquiring a subscriber is much higher than any single product commission, because not everyone buys your recommended affiliate product, so if you sell one for every ten subscribers, then you are spending 10 times the cost of one subscriber for each sale. If that sale is a big ticket product, awesome! If it is a $7 report, oops!

I have been watching a lot of marketers using the affiliate marketing model. The only ones who have a lot of success spend a lot of time and money building a relationship; first, by giving quality content to them daily, and second, by offering them freebies on a regular basis to keep them clicking. The people who are doing the best, however, are those who create a new product weekly.

On, I have been telling you about a lot of these products. Not all of them are big ticket. In fact, some of the top WSO marketers are selling $7, $17 and $27 products on a regular basis. But because they are selling a new product each week, their audience grows and buys repeatedly. They have affiliates promoting their products, which builds their buyer’s list. They offer their buyers first crack at their product at a reduced price (earlybird) so that they get repeat sales from those buyers.

Quality products make rabid fans.

If you sell people top notch products and deliver them without any technical difficulties, you become more popular with your customers. Your products move to the front of the line when you build a level of trust with them. Soon, people on your list start asking you to sell them something. They will suggest products that they would buy.

I highly recommend you have a good source of content for quality products or you brainstorm with a bunch of other marketers to help you devise a list of products that you could create over a 6 to 12 month period. Set concrete dates of launches for each product and start creating these products to reach those launch dates.

If you use a site like JVZOO or WarriorPlus, you will have the affiliate army of thousands of people who are looking for quality products to sell. If you are consistently creating and selling quality products, you will build a following of affiliates who will sell your products. You may have to contact some affiliates to get your name in front of them, maybe you can offer them a mention in one of your products in return for adding a bonus to one of their products to help get you some initial traffic to your products.

Remember, building quality products is the key. The first time you sell a bagful of dog doo, your credibility will plummet and nobody will want to sell your stuff.

Help If You Want It

My friends at buy products with MRR, PLR and USER rights and make them available to subscribers. I have been a member for years and take advantage of their amazing buying power. I use PLR products to help me create products in niches that I may know nothing about, but want to build a list and sell to. With new products being added every two days, the chances of them having a product for the niche I am looking for is pretty darn good. The price has gone up a couple times since I first found them, but even at $47 a month, it is a bargain considering the top notch training I have downloaded and the PLR I have used to create lists in some evergreen niches!

Check it out:

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