What can you do in the next 30 days to build into a 5 or 6 figure business?

You first need to research the market. You should make sure you have a market that people are spending money in.

After that you need to decide on the skills you will need to service
that market. Whether you will need video, blogging, audio, etc. If you
can provide those skills yourself, great! If not, you can exchange
services with people who need what you are good at in return for the
service that you need.

Write down who you think you will need on your team. There are times
when we know that we can’t do tasks alone. Once you know who those
people are, you can figure out how to attract them into your team.

Next plan out your traffic strategies. You need to have a minimum of 3
sources for your traffic to have a viable business. If you can get
traffic from more than just 3 sources, you are going to have steady
traffic, and you will not be affected if something happens to one of
the sources.

Then, you need to plan your investment in your business.

Time and money.

You need to know how much of each you will put into your business. Just
throwing money is not wise, and neither is just throwing time into it.
You will alternate between the two, because you have to balance one
with the other, depending on which you have.

The last two are vital…

1. Schedule the time for your business. Will you work from 8PM til
midnight 4 nights a week? That is what you need to decide and then
stick to it.

2. Plan for success – Identify what you have to achieve to reach the next level and then plan for the level after that!

Now this is a bare bones plan that you have to use in conjunction with
a healthy dose of your imagination and creativity. But it is powerful

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Thanks for being part of our community,

Micheal Savoie


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