I am beginning to see why some of the bigger name marketers are so busy.  Every day, my inbox is filled with new JV proposals and new products ready to launch. 
Some marketers wait until their product is completely finished before getting the word out, and then they tell people with only two days before the launch that they are ready to launch.
Most of my friends don’t even talk about a product unless they’ve been given a month to get set up, let alone write an email campaign and add bonuses.  
So if you are ready to start creating products and want to find JV partners, here is what you should do:
TIP #1
Prepare a long time for the launch:
I hate telling people no, but I also don’t want to overextend my welcome with my community.  So in order to make it a win-win for my own customers, I have to schedule the products I am going to promote at least 2 weeks out.  Products that I can find out about over a month away, I can even add bonuses and really go all out for the promotion. 
TIP #2
Prepare as many tools as you can for your JV partners:
I watched Rob Toth set up a terrific launch by having everything that a partner could want ready and tested in the partners area.  People did not have to spend a whole lot of time thinking about how to promote, they just grabbed the code and off they went.
TIP #3
Test the process:
When you get your JV partners all excited about your product and they send out an email to 10,000 of their best buyers and your page doesn’t convert, you rarely ever get another chance to have that person promote your product.  Many of my friends like to take the product and send their house list to it, while they tweak and test conversion.
Using Adwords to test your sales page is also a good idea, since many of your partners will be wanting to use Adwords to get additional sales, and if you can get 2% or better conversion from Adwords, your partners will be really happy when they load your offer with their bonuses.
TIP #4
Ask for help:
When I get a call from one of my friends and they ask me to look at their sales page to see what I think of it, they rarely have to wonder if I will help them promote it as well.  Asking for help is a great way to get people to take ownership of your cause and join in.  Now it is not always a good idea to bother everyone when you are only in the planning stages, it is usually a good thing once your product is ready and you want to make sure you are still on the right track.
TIP #5
Ask for bonuses:
If you add even more value to your product during launches, you are more likely to make sales, so if you contact partners who have related products, you can get some good bonuses for your customers and the partners get more people using their products.  You can even have customers register to download the bonus, so that  partners are getting buyers added to their lists.

Overall, the strategies for getting a product launched are common sense, but in the midst of the chaos that we are often involved, we tend to forget some or all of these and just get the product out.  But we leave money on the table in a big way!
Don’t get me wrong, action cures all problems, but focused and strategic action is the best. 
Speaking of strategic action, Hollis Carter and Marc Horne are going to be my guests on a call today at 3PM Eastern.  You can get the call details here:

Hope to hear you on the call!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Jordan Hall is launching an awesome combination of software and training for making a lot of sales while loading members into your continuity programs.  The product is called Turbo Continuity, the software is incredible, I plan on using it for some of my future product sales.  He is including bonuses from many marketers in the members area, so you will definitely want to look at this one!

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