I had a bunch of my readers correct me about my
email yesterday.

One especially long email went through exactly what
the author was doing with the PLR that he purchased
from the 7 Day Sale and it really got me to thinking.

After all, Eric does say in the video that you are
going to have to reformat and rewrite (in some
cases) the content for readability and for whatever
purpose you are going to use it.

So in making a blanket statement calling the content
crap is uncalled for, since it is a better deal than you
are going to find anywhere for 50 different subjects
that you would have had to research on your own.

Some of the content WILL require work, but at $27
for that much content, you would have had to start
from scratch and then find all of that content on your

If you were to hire your own ghost writer, how much
would you end up paying for that much pre-researched
and written content?

So I am going to publicly apologize to Eric and to the
rest of my readers who obviously took the time to
think about this a little more than I did. The fact that
so many people are buying this should have made
me realize the extreme value of the product and the
unheard of RIGHTS that you get for this much PLR!

For $27!

Now if you think that you are going to be able
to publish these ebooks just as they are and get $27
each for them… don’t buy it.

This is going to take some work on your part, after
you purchase this. After all, you will need to reformat
(and rewrite as necessary) everything to fit your genre
– ebooks – reports – audio – blog posts – videos… the
list goes on and on!

But this gives you a major head start!

You only have until midnight tonight, however…


Give it one last thought, before it goes away forever…

Then grab it!


Work with offline clients who have enemies?

This is content that you need to know in order to 
manage your reputation or the reputation of your 
clients if you do local business consulting.

Your clients will need you to help them with this
at some point. All it takes is one disgruntled customer
or employee and their reputation can hit the toilet
in a hurry! (I was already in the toilet with the subject
line… so I went there, sorry)

So help them get out of the reputation outhouse by
following the steps outlined in the rep management 
course. (The cool part is that you also get tools to
help you get new clients for reputation management!)

Check it out and see what all the buyers are saying:


To your success,

Micheal & Yvonne

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