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Computer Simulation Of Me Being Very Sad That David Preston Is Retiring From The Online World

I read an email from my good friend David Preston. We have been through a lot of seminars in the last year, and I was seeing him seemingly get more and more run down from the long hours spent traveling from one event to another to teach people how to become the local online marketing expert in their community and help offline businesses get their presence online.

David has been doing this type of training and consulting for local offline businesses for years. Then while he was being pursued by all the event promoters to have him teach his secrets at their events, he did not have time to work with his own local business clients, and it was burning him out.

So when I received the email from David, telling me that he was finally done with the online world, I knew this was going to be it! I will probably only see David when he is on vacation, or when he attends an event where his wife, Susan, is speaking. But I was thinking about the people who need his help in doing their own offline gold marketing. how were they going to be able to get hold of David for help?

Then David mentioned in his email that he was going to offer all of his training materials for one super stupid low price of $47! He was getting rid of all of his materials for only $47. everything that he was selling for $497 and up, is all bundled into a Christmas package that you will not want to pass up, even if you never intend to help a local business. Just the ideas for helping your own business with the marketing you need is a reason to pick this up!

I highly recommend you buy David Preston’s Offline Goldmine Christmas Bundle!

This Guy (Jeff Johnson) beat Google at their own game!

Check it out:

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