Yvonne was pointing out that the $20 discount & the $582 worth of bonuses that we are giving to everyone who purchased Send Button Profits is not nearly big enough to entice some of our more reserved readers.

She told me, "You know that when you first used Send Button Profits, you were blown away by the tools. I mean, you spent the first two weeks using the download and squeeze page creators for each of your lists!"

I admitted that she was right, just being able to create squeeze and download pages that match without having to upload anything but my reports (of which there are hundreds inside the members area that you can brand on the fly) and any images I might be using (upload your picture and signature and you can reuse them as often as you want) and then I get the URLs to set up in my campaigns.

So I thought about what could possibly be a good fit with SBP… and then Yvonne told me that traffic is always necessary when building a list.

So Yvonne should have written this post, because she pretty much dictated the entire thing. (Don’t tell her I admitted this to you) So here is what you are going to get:

Not only do you get over 12 hours of videos that will teach you to build bigger lists, build them faster, and make more cash from them…

You also get the software that can build your optin pages and even your download pages and they can be live on the web in just minutes.

But now, we will give you traffic credits at both ServURL.com and Gulpe.com based on what level you purchase:

  • ==> 50,000 credits at both sites for the complete
    SBP automated system
  • ==> Platinum Membership (both sites) for as long as you
    stay a member of the monthly SBP membership.
  • ==> Diamond Membership (both sites) for as long as
    you stay a member of the Advanced Coaching program
    done by Liz Tomey and Jeff Dedrick.
  • ==> 100,000 additional credits if you buy the 200
    list building products – or
  • ==> 75,000 additional credits if you buy the 100
    list building products

Here is the special page for our readers where you can save $20 off his already low one time price plus you will receive 6 video courses worth $582:


This course not only gives you the process on how to build faster and bigger lists, but you also get the automated tools so you don’t have to learn all the technical stuff to build your lists.

Go here now to get your $20 discount and $582 bonus:


To your success,
Micheal & Yvonne

P.S. Jeff only kept his course on the market 9 days last year and then stopped selling it for 10 months.

Don’t miss out:


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