Would You Believe Nobody Took Me Up On My FREE Bootcamp?

I sent an email out to my list of over 7000 people. I told them about the contest where the best comment on my blog at http://autorespondercodebonus.com would get my $2,495 Value, 6 Week Video Bootcamp at no charge! All they had to do was leave a comment before midnight on Friday night!

Not one comment.

I gave them a chance, and they let it slip between their fingers. Now I am going to do something more outrageous. I am giving away one Music Buzz Video – made to order.

All you do is buy the music to use for the video, and tell me what product and URL to use for the video and I will create the video for you. (You have to prove you have the royalty free license for the music, or I cannot put it on the video – it avoids legal problems for the two of us).

What Is A Music Buzz Video?

Music Buzz Videos are short (1 minute) music videos that show some of the benefits of a product or service to help get the word out about it. These videos are great for social network profiles, squeeze pages and blogs to get people interested in a particular product. When Yvonne and I create these videos, we choose some highlights about the product that may not be well known, or use some bold statements to get the buzz going. Sometimes, humor is the way to generate buzz, it all depends on the product.

When we create your Music Buzz Video, we will research the product, find photos in our vast collection of Stock Images, and use whatever music you have chosen. If you do not have any music files with royalty free usage rights, we will use one from our own collection. You will get the wmv or mov file for the video, which you can upload to any video site you wish.

How Can I Win This Music Buzz Video?

Easy. This contest is designed to generate buzz, so all you have to do is tweet this post using the link below, and at noon on April 17th, 2010 Yvonne and I will choose one person at random from the people who have retweeted this blog post using the #MusicBuzz hashtag.

Tell your friends about this site on Twitter

You can easily win this by being a Retweeter!

Why Are We Giving Away A Music Buzz Video?

Yvonne and I are starting to create more and more Music Buzz Videos and we want to get the word out about them. You can get one made for you, too! It is a great way to get backlinks by submitting the videos to all the video sites using Miracle Traffic Bot or Ross Goldberg’s Traffic Magnet Software. If you would like us to create a Music Buzz Video for you, simply contact Yvonne or myself and we will give you a quote. (352-257-1332)

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