I paid $77 for Miracle Traffic Bot and am supposed
to continue paying $37 per month for the premium

Now the price for it is going up.

But think about this. The software submits to 30 sites:

  • 10 article sites
  • 10 video sites
  • 10 social bookmark sites.

Each submission is supposed to be 100% automated,
but if you don’t want to pay for the Capcha answering,
you have to wait and answer the capchas.

You are submitting the identical article, video description
and link description to all of the sites, unless you want
to take the time to change them each time you are ready
to submit.

You can buy Miracle Traffic Bot here: http://nexurl.com/magicrobot

Or you can watch Ross Goldberg explain what he does to
get traffic on this video…


He will explain what Traffic Magnet is, and what it does:

With Traffic Magnet, you submit to

  • 48 video sites
  • 41 article sites
  • 40 press release sites
  • 22 podcast sites
  • 43 RSS sites,
  • 58 Social Bookmark sites,
  • 13 Classified Ad Sites
  • Over 3000 Web Directories!

All for only $37 per month!

Makes the Premium Version of Miracle Traffic Bot
look a little inferior, eh?

You see, Ross went all out with his Traffic Magnet
software, and he made it automated so that you can
submit your articles, videos, press releases, podcasts,
RSS feeds, social bookmarks and classified ads
without spending a lot of time at the computer.

AND, it also spins the content automatically by sentence
or word so that your submissions are not identical at
all of the sites at the same time! (No duplicate content)


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