???Ross Goldberg is a traffic genius.

He has done the hard work and tested and tweaked and found
out what works to get a website visitors who spend money.

While he was doing this, he kept running into bottlenecks that
he thought to himself, “If I had a piece of software to do this,
I could get it done much faster!”

Well he now has a program that does it all… it makes link building
so much easier than doing it all by hand. But it does not do
everything for you. You still have to write the article, blog post
and press release. You have to record the video (or buy a video
from my friends at iFlash video)…

But the rest of the work is automated to the point that you could
have someone in the Philippines doing the work for you for $5
per hour while you concentrate on the things that make you

While Ross was at jvAlert, he announced a new version of his
software that will be released very soon, but in the meantime,
he has authorized me to get rid of all the CD’s with his current
version of the software at closeout prices!

So here is the deal… you can buy the $300 software right now
for $37 and I will pay for shipping and handling(about $7)…

Here is the purchase link (allow 5-7 days) for delivery in US.
May take longer everywhere else.


I will send you an email address that will get you a discount on
the new version of the software, should you decide to purchase
it when it is released.

Don’t want to pay $37? How about $7 (in the US, $15

I have another way, where you can pay me for shipping if you
register right here before Monday at midnight:


Want to see what this software does?


Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – If nothing else, you should register for the notification list
at iFlash videos since you may decide last minute that video
is for you, and you will only have 4 days to get a private
membership to iFlash.


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