Articles are important for a number of reasons.  I personally do not write nearly as often as I should.  It is not something I feel should be outsourced unless you only care about getting traffic to your website.  But here are my top 3 reasons you should be submitting articles to on a regular basis:

  1. You want to establish yourself as an authority on a topic. People use EzineArticles to get material for their blogs, ebooks and as research for their own projects.  If you have a large body of work on a topic, you immediately stand out as someone who has done the necessary legwork and research in the topic, and at the same time become the obvious expert in the field.
  2. You want to get the word out about a particular subject.  You may feel very strongly about a subject and not enough is being talked about in that niche.  By writing articles and submitting them to, the topic will be picked up by many syndication websites in your niche, giving the topic more exposure while getting your name out there as the person to talk to about your subject.
  3. You want traffic that pulls in sales to your own or someone else’s product (for commissions). Probably the most important reason that people use is for generating buyer traffic to their own or an affiliate product that they are selling.  Often, the authors do not use EzineArticles correctly, and are in effective in making sales after they have gotten the reader to their article.  If your article doesn’t cause the search engine to find you easily, the reader to click through to your website and the product you are promoting to sell like hotcakes, then you are not using to its fullest potential.

I highly recommend that you examine the above reasons (there are others, like driving traffic back to your website and doing research, but the main ones are outlined above) and decide if you should be writing articles.  Chances are, you want the results of driving buyer traffic to your site while establishing yourself as a credible expert.  One of the tools I recommend for submitting these articles to and over a dozen other highly sought after article sites is Easy Button Traffic ( – it is a great tool, but costs $67 per month: you can make that back with 2 sales of a typical affiliate product) which allows you to submit articles, press releases and videos to hundreds of locations all over the web and drive traffic back to your website very rapidly!  It basically takes article marketing to a level only seen by super affiliates!

Do You Suck At Researching And Writing?

One thing about article marketing, you have to put out quality stuff.  Do not outsource this if you want to be the expert on a topic.  You will look like a fool the first time someone wants to interview you, and nobody will ever buy a thing from you after that.

Davion Wong just released an ebook on the topic of article writing for profits called Article Cash Robots.  In it, he outlines the step by step formula for researching the products, subject and then writing a high converting article that pulls buyers into your sales funnel consistently.

The reason he calls it Article Cash Robots is because once you create one of these ACR’s, it is working for you 24/7 feeding the search engine spiders and getting posted on blogs and in ezines, each with a link back to your landing page where you make a case for your product!  If each Article Cash Robot is getting you 100 visitors to your landing page per month, it should be easy enough to get 2 or 3 sales from each robot per month.  So all you have to do is write more Article Cash Robots and make even more money.

For a limited time, Davion Wong is practically giving away Article Cash Robots for less than a large cheese pizza!  See what else you can do with your own Article Cash Robots.

With the great content of Article Cash Robots and the submission power of tools like Easy Button Traffic, you can create a system for cranking out cash streams that will consistently bring you more income each month.  As someone who just recently decided to leave my job and go full time online, consistent monthly income is music to my ears, and you will find it music to yours as well!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – I also recommend taking each article and repurposing it to a video and a podcast and using Traffic Geyser (another submission tool that will reach thousands of websites to drive traffic back to your landing pages) to create video landing pages for the ultimate list building and traffic converting system you can find.  The monthly investment for these tools is easily replaced by the commissions you will be earning in a very short time, especially if you are taking action to completion on each article that you do.

It is important that when you write each article that you immediately record the video and podcast and submit them.  Only when you have done this a few times will it begin to be easy and you will not even give it a second thought.

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