I just finished chatting with Ian Del Carmen.  He is putting the finishing touches on the final Group of Wholesale membership sites.  He has assembled 23 membership sites that you can sell memberships to with all of the payments going to you.

Now what I have in mind here is to take the first 23 people who buy this program and set up a sales page using RAPJV.com that will collect the money for the membership site and deposit it into your paypal account instantly!  I can only do one membership site per person, so it will be first come first served as far as which one you and I will partner on. 

The link to get your membership wholesaler package is:


Claim your bonus by creating a support ticket at:


Remember that there is a 30 day refund period, so that if you do refund during that time, I will have to remove your Paypal info from the sales page and will open your sales page to another partner.

Thanks and have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Andrea Chin and I are partnering on a new list building video series.  You can download one of them for free and use it for content for your list building.  Set one video on your site for free and have people opt-in to get access to the rest, or sell access to the rest.  It is your choice!


Build A Huge Opt-In List

You can create your own huge list of subscribers, too!

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