In marketing and in life, perceptions mean the difference between success and failure.  Products that seem to have an advantage over another will command a higher price and will dominate a market.  Our marketing should have a way to separate us over the competition.

What people believe influences their decisions to the point that it will make some successful and others abject failures.  Two families can go through life with everything the same, but one believes that they  have an advantage over the others. That family will dominate simply because they make decisions based on that belief. 

In sports it was long held that a football team was more dominant at home, and people still bet on the home team more often than they bet on the visitor.  That is a differential advantage that the home team uses in their locker room to get their players pepped up for the game!

How are you taking this to your advantage?  Without comparing your product to your competitor’s, you cannot know the how yours stacks up. You should do this at all stages of your product’s development.  Figure out what makes your product better than the competition.  Put it in writing.  Tell the world about the differential advantage that you have over the competition.

Branding is a way to force your differential advantage into the minds of the public as quickly as possible.  Once you have identified the area in which you deem your product to be ahead of the competition, you devise a way to get that message across.  Images, slogans, logos and songs are all ways that branding is used to convey the message. Subway uses the “eat fresh” slogan to signify that their food is healthier than their competition. Their signs and commercials all show freshly cut ingredients that trigger your “that is fresh” response.

How can you use that to your advantage when you have an ebook about how to cut flowers?  You want to establish your brand as the flower cutting expert, so you would want to write a lot of articles about your topic.  You would allow yourself to be interviewed on podcasts and teleseminars to get the word out about your flower cutting expertise! You would also want to use graphics that show you around award winning flower displays.  In essence, you are become the flower cutting guru!
Everyone who wants to excel in an area has to brand themselves as such. Your differential advantage to your competition has to be prominent.  Show people whatever it is that makes your flower cutting better than your competition!  In the flower cutting circles, this information will travel fast, and soon you will be branded as the flower cutting expert whose flowers don’t wilt for three days longer than the competition.

Using branding is great, but you have to use it responsibly.  I have seen people brand themselves in a way that makes them something that they aren’t.  While it may gain them business, it may also hurt them in the long run as people realize the charade and begin to spread the word themselves about the false claims. 

In the end, if you have a differential advantage over your competition, the best way to show it to the world it to prove it to your customers.  They will gladly spread the news for you!

One guy who consistently brands himself as the media man is Todd Gross.  Todd is a professional meteorologist (weatherman) who uses video and audio to promote products online. 

His masterful use of the teleprompter, his quick smile and that voice that lulls you into buying trance have propelled him into the super affiliate world.  He recently worked out a way to get his voice onto hundreds of websites all over the world in a voice over product.  But he is now looking for a whole new clientèle. 

The offline market is ripe for the right entrepreneurs who can locate businesses who are tired of the significant decline in yellow pages advertising performance over the last 5 years.

With Todd’s new product, you can offer offline businesses their own web presence!  This is an awesome way to create an income stream quickly without having to spend a lot of money in setting up a business.  You simply connect those who need a website with the service and you get paid!  The potential for newbies and experts alike is huge, because you can establish yourself as the guy or gal who helps put businesses on the web – without having to do anything but find the customers!

So check out Easy Offline Riches right away and you can be setting up your own offline empire today!

————————— Late Breaking News —————————-

Today Todd Gross experienced the too much traffic for one website to handle event.  He told his partners to send out their emails at noon and **boom**!

Server suspended – over bandwidth.  Don’t go cheap on your hosting, because it really stinks when you have massive traffic and your site is nowhere to be seen!

With Todd’s program, you simply connect the customers to the provider and you make the money!  Truly a win-win situation!

This has been converting very well and you can see why people want to get this product.  I will offer the first 25 people a 10% listing on at no charge for buying through my link.  Just open up a support ticket at to claim your bonus!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

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