Can you imagine if the world was just one large sales pitch?

I just watched The Big Idea where Dave Lakhani and Michael Port were guests and they were discussing sales.

It was hilarious when one of the commercial breaks came on and the people who sell stuff on TV came on and did the big sales pitch for some epoxy and another for some “green bags” that are supposed to make your fruit last longer.

Both of those commercials used “but that’s not all!” at the end before they added a bonus to the offer.  I am sure a lot of people ran to the phone!

Educating yourself in the tactics and strategies of selling is a good thing, I know I need to improve my own sales technique, and if you are in business online, you need to become good at selling.

Conversion and traffic are the reasons people make money online.

You take a website, drive traffic to it and people will either buy or not buy.  Simple enough.  But once you have sent over 1000 people to the site, you should know how your site converts.  Your goal is to be consistently testing and tracking your sales page and the methods you get people to visit your site.

Ross Goldberg has long been one of the people I look up to for guidance whenever I need more people to visit my website.  He has written more about traffic than anyone else I know (except maybe John Reese).

But Ross has taken traffic teaching to a new level.  Why?  Because he lives traffic.  It is his ability to drive targeted visitors to his websites that got him to the point where he can host seminars 3 times a year and do workshops.

But he has outdone himself this time, because he was about to add another 60 pages of content to his Traffic Manifesto when he decided that he ought to do them as video, because he can charge even more for his training.

I called him on that and he told me that the price was going to be somewhere around $137 for the Traffic Manifesto 2.0 package.  His course is worth every penny, but he decided that with the price of everything going up, the best thing he could do was to make Traffic Manifesto 2.0 affordable at least for a week or two, since the people who know Ross act quickly when he offers something.

Check it out, because the traffic generation methods he teaches work!

But wait!  That’s not all!

Once you have the traffic, you want to convert your visitors into buyers, right?  So what I am going to do is give you access to my Test and Track Video series for $1 if you buy Ross’ Traffic Manifesto 2.0!

Not only that, but I am also adding the Recording and Transcript to a call I did with Rob Toth last September as an additional bonus!  Rob Toth is the man behind the Buy Now Wizard, a software suite that you place on your server and add to your sales pages to help you get people to buy the first time they visit your site…

The recording is really good, it gives you a lot of information on converting prospects into buyers.  So get Traffic Manifesto 2.0 now and email me the receipt info and I will send you the coupon link for getting the test and track video training for $1 and you will have access to the Conversion Magic Audio and Transcript in the member’s area.

Have an amazing day!


PS – If you want to get Buy Now Wizard, you can get it at a massive discount if you get it before July 4th!

If you get both Buy Now Wizard and Traffic Manifesto 2.0, you can choose one more product of mine from the bonus page:

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