I am training my team at My Blogging School to install
blogs, and they are getting very good at it. So I want
to give them a lot of work to do, so I am going to
offer blog installations as a bonus for everyone who
signs up for GVO reseller hosting.

You sign up, set up a domain, and then my team will put
a blog on your domain with all the security features &
plugins I put on my own blogs to get them ranking fast!

Why am I doing this?

To help Jeremy Gislason of Sure Fire Wealth get some
new recruits in his downline, I have set up my spillover
to go into Jeremy’s downline, so that when his promotions
go live, everyone who has taken advantage of my bonus
will be in a good position in Jeremy’s downline.

13.1: surefirewealth – Name: Jeremy Gislason
.14.1: toddwx$49 – Name: Todd Gross
..15.1: vandyke$35 – Name: Derrick Van Dyke
…16.1: inwealth$8 – Name: Ewen Chia;
….17.1: csg85 – Name: Carmelina;
…..18.1: imssarl – Name: Schoeffel;
……19.1: trynow$79 – Name: Micheal Savoie
…….20.1 you?
.14.2: densaund – Name: Dennis Saunders;
..15.2: trynow$80 – Name: Micheal Savoie
…16.1: you?

This is the current look of my downline in that
particular segment, and I am committing to promoting
this segment alternating between my $79 & $80 positions
until October 31st, the anniversary of my going fulltime


If you sign up for the $1 trial, you will immediately
be eligible for the blog installation on your new server.

If you sign up for the one year prepayment option, I am
also giving access to my 5 Day Business Challenge for
as long as you keep your hosting with GVO.

So the URL to sign up in Jeremy’s downline, with me,
Todd, Derrick and Ewen Chia is:


Welcome to the team!

Micheal Savoie

PS – I will also show you how to get your blog a lot
more traffic using social networks once I have it
set up on your new domain!


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