Before I get into the cool stuff in today’s communique, I have to remind you of the Product Creation Workshop. Those of you who have already paid will be getting an email on where to go for the workshop.

It starts at 2PM and if you have NOT registered for this already, the price is only $47 and you will be in for a treat! We will be creating a product on how to create a product, while adding bonuses and a sales page and then set it up on Rapid Action Profits.

Everyone who buys their spot to be in the workshop will get the product, and be able to sell it and get paid 100% of the selling price!

So if you want in on this, just click here to be on the list when we email the link for you to be on the webinar.

You remember the software I told you about a couple weeks ago? The one that gives you hovering ads on other people’s websites?

Here is the link if you want to refresh your memory:

Well lots of people are signing up for their free accounts there. And for good reason, it is a good way to get your ads in front of a new audience.

Now of course, you have to place other people’s ads on your website, too… but this is the cool part, you can also buy credits. I bought 10k credits for $10 during their launch period, and that really got my site a lot of traffic.

My 5 Day Business Challenge is going to be a blast tonight! We start another week of madness, mayhem and traffic strategies tonight at 9PM. If you are not registered yet, hurry and sign up, the price is $247 and you can have the same traffic methods the super affiliates use to blow away the competition on niche product sales.

Get your ticket now and I will send you the webinar link.

Speaking of seminars…

The Gateway To Wealth Seminar in a couple of weeks only has room for 26 more people. You really want to be there, because you will get the benefit of Gary Ambrose and Keith Wellman’s vast group of friends, who come to these events to make million dollar deals and network with each other. You should be attending at least 2 to 3 events a year if you want to grow your business.

Remember: The income of the people you surround yourself with will determine your own income. When I used to hang out with my friends making $12,000 a year at Sam’s Club, I found myself struggling to make enough to keep my bills paid. But because at least 3 times a year I was surrounding myself with millionaires, my income has risen to multiple times what I was making at Sam’s Club!

I still have not broken the million dollar mark, but that is one of my goals for 2010! You can set the same kinds of goals if you surround yourself with the right people and get a mentor!

I have some amazing news about some cutting edge software that
has just been released:

Now if you have a website, blog or you’re even thinking about
setting one up then you should take a look at this.


Because in one case study it ended up in generating $1,322 from
just 6 minutes work.

Powerful stuff I think you’ll agree


This software was implemented into a blog that was already
generating an average of $1,774 per week.

That blog’s revenue jumped to an average of $5,090 per week
because of this cutting edge software.

That over a 274% increase in revenue.

Just check it out in action now:

Now this software can be used to increase your blog or websites
ad revenue and affiliate earnings as well as opt-in
subscribers… No matter what you use it for it’s going to rocket
your bottom line.


Micheal & Yvonne

PS – Don’t worry about losing any money. You can try Slide In Ad
for 60 days totally risk free and test it on your website or
blog… If you’re not 100% satisfied with the increased subscribers
and revenue it generates then you can get a full refund.

It’s impossible for you to lose out if you join today and put
the software to work on your sites

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