What the heck do you want a bonus for on a free product (except for

Because a bonus is what separates the ones who make the cash from
the ones who promote and sit on the sidelines waiting to see what

So here is what I intend to do if you choose to get the course that
Jeff Dedrick is offering for free (plus shipping):

Access to my Product Creation Workshop on Thursday (or the
recordings once they are available).

In that workshop I will teach (as I show) how to create a product
via webinar and have it ready for sale by the end of the 4 hours.
On top of that, but all the attendees will be able to offer that
product for sale at 100% commission!

I will also give everyone access to the Extreme Product Explosion
members area with Silver Access (usually $17 a month) but currently
closed to new members except the ones who get in as a bonus.

If you choose ANY of Jeff’s upsells (you knew he was going to offer
at least one upsell, right?), you will get access to My Blogging
School, and you will keep access to it for as long as you stay a
paying member of the Send Button Profits membership program.

This is where I sort of lose my mind…

You select Jeff & Liz’s Coaching Program, and you will also get
my coaching program for as long as you stay a member of their
program. (This is the same coaching program you can get $200
savings on if you get it this week:


except you get it for $1 per month if you buy Jeff & Liz’s coaching
program, since I will be less of a trainer in this instance, but
more of a guide, helping you through technical challenges and
answering questions)

With the Send Button Profits emails about to hit you all day, I
thought I should tell you that I have one of the most comprehensive
bonuses of the bunch, because I will be there to help you with a
lot of the problems that many marketers simply expect you to know…

I am being paid commissions for selling this product. I was given
free access to the product. I am biased, so my forward looking
statements could be tainted by the potential for commissions.

Now that I have satisfied the FTC, I just need you to make sure you
purchase using my link… so to be certain, open whatever browser
you usually do NOT use… take the following link and copy it
and then paste it into that browser that you usually do not use…

(If you use IE, then open Firefox or Safari or Chrome… or vice
versa in a blender)

Here is the link, that will be available at 11AM today:


So set the timer, keep this email in a safe placem and when the
clock strikes 11AM in New York… you are ready to get Send Button
Profits for an amazing price! And have access to lots of great tools
for making money at the push of a button!

As soon as you have purchased, I will see it in my control panel,
and I will be able to send you the access info for the Workshop on
Thursday Afternoon.

In case you want to be certain, use your best deliverability email
(preferably gmail) and open a help desk ticket at


I am limiting this bonus to only the first 50… so that should
be today… but unless I announce that the bonus is gone, you are
still going to get the bonus.

The place to check is right here!

I keep people posted there about my bonuses and whether they are

Sorry for writing a really long email, but this was worth every
word! Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – There are only a limited number of spots available in
Send Button Profits so don’t delay — grab your spot now
while you still can:


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