When you want to get your website to rise in the rankings, you
can spend a lot of time making your page as search engine
friendly as possible.

But that won’t do it on its own. Your competition is out there
building backlinks to their website. How would you like to be
able to beat your competition at their own game?

All you have to do is create google alerts for your keywords,
and your name and set up an rss feed from that google alert,
and set up a Squidoo Lens to pull in that Google Alert feed
so that your Squidoo Lens can become a backlink for your

Obviously you need more than that, but if you were to set
up these RSS feeds all over the web, you would get lots of
backlinks on autopilot whenever you post an article on your

I have created a video series for people who want to create
backlinks for their website, and it contains lots of websites
that you can write articles on and link back to your own

You can get this for $10 off the regular price if you get this
before October 7th at midnight.


If you scroll all the way down, you can get a free sample of
the videos, with a real example of a website that you can
post your links and RSS feeds on.



All our best,

Micheal Savoie
Yvonne Lyon

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