Rather than lay out a scenario of total hype and extreme exaggeration,
Yvonne & I wanted to invite you to be part of our team before the launch.

You see, the gurus are starting to promote this week, when the prelaunch
is finally announced to the world. We already told you that Ewen Chia is
in our downline, I have over 2300 people in my downline at this time, over
30 of those are personally enrolled by me.

Yvonne started late, but she is growing her business, and I am helping
her build a nice big downline, too. I highly recommend you join us, and
you can started building a huge business just like us.

Just click on here and read all about it. Then sign up, it is only $1 for
14 days, then $44.95 per month, for Reseller Website Hosting, Unlimited
Autoresponders, a 10 Seat Online Conference Room (that I have been using for webinars), website monitoring software (with MRR) as well as a full online Video Production Suite with free video hosting all in one package.


I am not telling you this to brag, just to let you know that you will be in
a line of affiliates that works hard to get signups. In fact, I know that over
10 signups that could have gone to me went to my direct referrals.

I know that, because I was the only one promoting some of their URL’s,
and I got them some direct referrals. But I am not promising you that I
will be getting you anyone, but I will tell you that I will work hard to help
you earn money.  I am also about to place an ad on a VERY highly
trafficked website for webmasters, and that ad will be seen by over 1
million sets of eyeballs per month!

If you want to be a part of that action, I am selling slots on a rotator that
will be advertised there for $100 per spot for 30 days. Each person will only be able to buy one spot, but you can pay for additional months.

Simply open a support ticket to get one of these spots:

One other thing I am doing is creating a PDF to teach others how to
set up their blogs securely without using fantastico, and in these PDF’s
will be a link for hosting. I will make this report brandable and all of
Yvonne & my direct referrals will be allowed to rebrand these reports to
give to new prospects.

Heck, at the same time, you will be building a list. The ebook will also
teach how to set up an autoresponder and squeeze page on their blog,
and of course the screen shots will be from the GVO site…lol.

Sign up in Yvonne’s organization now and we will help you get started.



See below how you can backlink your way to getting some nice traffic to
your free PDF, too!

I have a video that you can watch for free. It is on the sales page for my
Backlinking For Fun & Profit Video Series that I am going to be
finishing up tomorrow afternoon. Just click on the link below, then scroll
all the way down the page to watch this video:


You will get some good pointers from this video, plus you will get an idea for
what you will get out of the additional 59 or so websites that we will be
using for our backlinking purposes!

I really hope to have you on our team before the traffic from all the guru
promotions hit.  I already know that the gurus will make it easy for me
to make a lot of money, and I can help you set yourself up for success,

Get started today!


Micheal Savoie & Yvonne Lyon

PS – Remember, the $47 price tag is the lowest you will be able to get
this backlinking series for.


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