That is video producer lingo for the recordings are stored and ready for editing.

I held a backlinking webinar series this week and recorded them all for a DVD set I am releasing next month. It will definitely rock, and I am looking forward to seeing these babies going out to all my loyal customers. The people who have been on the webinars have been a very diverse group, and many of these have also joined My Team GVO to build a much stronger business organization.

If you wanted to grab these videos and watch them at your leisure before the DVD sets are available, you can buy access for $47 right here:

Another important thing! You have to get this $197 Niche Research PDF from Howie Schwartz before he takes away the link for it. AND, if you are quick, you can also access Howie’s Niche Content Scavenger Tool, too! He even shows you how to use it.

Let’s make it happen!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Any time you have questions, drop me a comment, I will answer them!

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