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That is what I really love about this guy’s stuff. He shows you
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A Personal Note From Micheal

I got my feelings hurt last week. I have the best interests of all
of my readers. Many of you are some of my closest friends, and
I will do almost anything to help you succeed.

When I emailed everyone the first time about the insider information
I got a few fast action takers who are really making a lot of money.
Then I had some of my JV partners sign up under my downline
members because they figured my downline guys are going to build
it faster than me.

Yet they are sitting in a slow leg, while my other legs are still driving
deep. I felt bad for them, but I also felt that I have been letting you
down by being too nice, too passive. I need to be more aggressive
and tell you what you need to do and if you don’t do it, I did my part.

Take GVO…

Everyone who signs up through me directly gets placed in my rotator
(the link above) so that you can get direct signups from my advertising
efforts. I am not going to start advertising until we are in official
prelaunch to be sure that my facts and figures are correct.

Here is my direct link:

and here is Yvonne’s if you would like to be in her downline instead…lol!

We are building a huge organization in GVO where we already have
over $3000 in commissions accrued and this is the 5th day I have
been promoting it. The fast action takers now will be rewarded when
we launch, because we will get a LOT of spillover then.

Aggressive Affiliates are winning the cash battle!

Remember what I said about aggressiveness? Peter Parks and
Eric Rockefeller are teaming up for an aggressive launch, but for
now they are teaching some of their tricks and giving away a
sweet 6 figure niche…

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Do me a favor and sign up for the opt-in on that link…
I would love to see them have to give me a prize for hardly

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