Aggressive Is The Way To Get Traffic
As marketers, we are always looking for a way to get the better of our competition. In fact, aggressive super affiliates have an entire arsenal of weapons to help them beat back the competition when it comes to traffic.

Some of these weapons will find you keywords, like the tool that Brad Callen has been selling so well for so many years, SEO Elite. That tool will let you spy out the competition and steal their keywords right out from under them, so that you can end up outranking them.

Other aggressive traffic tools will take content and Artiply it… A new word that I define in my new report. In fact, I am giving away this report on the Home Business Giveaway right now. Dee Ferdinand has teamed up with a lot of marketers to give away some of our best content. I wrote this report especially for the giveaway, and it will help you figure out some aggressive content strategies.

Traffic Is Only good on websitesTraffic is mighty important. What you do with that traffic is the other 97%. Do you make it easy for the visitor to make a quick decision? The majority of websites out there make it so confusing to the visitor, by putting way too many options in their faces. By giving only one option for a person, and making it obvious how to take the action we want them to do, we make it more likely that they will take that action.

The Home Business Giveaway is much like that, because you don’t have to sign up for the giveaway. You just click on this link: and you are given the choice of whose freebie you want to download. A very simple choice, and then you opt-in to get only the freebie from the person you chose. You are allowed to get each person’s product, but you will have to register with that person. I like that type of giveaway, because it forces higher quality products.

So tell your friends to come here and use my link to get their freebies!

Surpisingly Simple – 5 Information Packed Calls Will Reveal How You Too Can Suck Cash Out Of Your Affiliate Promotions AND Generate Traffic On Demand In Only 5 Days!

I finally finished my Super Affiliate Training course and I am offering a significant discount for the first 20 people who sign up. Why am I offering such a low price? Well, because I want to get as many testimonials to put on this course as I can get my hands on.

I am also adding a biweekly mastermind group to my coaching program, and I am going to fill it up with Super Affiliates.

So here is the link:

Snatch it up so I don’t have to email my other list…lol!

Micheal Savoie

PS – I wasn’t going to announce this until after NAMS… but now I have no choice! Now or never, eh?

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