Business proposal for 5 people only!

First let me tell you that I am test marketing a product and if it
sells like I expect it to, things will be really exciting around here.
But before we can let you in on this cool product, I need to tell
you about a free call that I am doing Saturdays at 1PM Eastern –
10AM Pacific

Call in details:
Phone #: (712) 432-0081
Access Code: 908859#

Join me on the call and you will get to see what I am up to.

5 Businesses Set Up In 5 Days

I have been challenged to help 5 people get a product up for
sale in 5 days. The challenge is that the 5 people have to be
willing to work with me to get traffic while I set up the product
sales page and the delivery system. I was thinking of using
RAP so we can get some affiliates.

So the question is… who wants in with me on this? It will cost
$250 per person, but with that $250, you will get a website,
domain, RAP installed and a video sales page for your product.
Now you will have to buy RAP or have me as an equity partner
for 25%.
So just go here to buy RAP now:

Make the purchase while RAP is $70 off , then click here to purchase your 5 Day Challenge:

Then open a support ticket at:

We will get started planning out your product.

Buy the RAP Membership Bundle if you want to
create a membership site. Get it through this link:

If you have PLR products, you will need to edit them into new
versions. I can help you with the graphics, etc. But you are
responsible for changing your product to be a truly high quality
and unique product. Then I will make the sales page video and
we can start driving traffic to the product so that you can start
making sales. I will promote it to my list, and put links to it on
my blog, too!

But the deadline is noon tomorrow for this, because I have to
get 5 people making money in 5 days! Wednesday at noon!

I get asked, why do I charge $250? Because if I did it for free,
nobody would do any work, I would be the only one doing
anything. So I find the 5 who are willing to do the work, by
committing to it with their cash. There will be a couple more
expenses like a domain name and hosting, but those would
be ordinary expenses anyway for a web business.

You will also get a blog installed on the domain for more
traffic generation. So the first 5 who get in touch with me will
be given the opportunity to do this.

Are you ready?

I am sending this out to my email list as well, so this will go
fast – that is why I am relying on the help desk to let me know
who were the first 5. The first teleseminar is Saturday at 1PM…

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

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