I just told the world about an interview that Stephanie Mulac did with Julius Moltgen!

It seems I am constantly bumping into Stephanie.  She is the whirlwind that is storming about the country helping marketers become more profitable and making a name for themselves!

I first met Stephanie at Ross Goldberg’s Master’s Seminar in Madison, Wisconsin (back then it was called the Midwest IM Conference, back when she was fresh from having freed her husband Greg from the bonds of his job! Now they travel together around the USA helping people with their businesses!

Now she and Greg have teamed up with Julius Moltgen and a few other Virtual Real Estate and Affiliate experts to create a membership site to help people get income producing websites quickly and profitably!  This membership website is called FavYouTube because the video aspect of these VRE websites can drive intense amounts of traffic to affiliate links and adsense clicks…

I highly recommend you check it out!

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – I plan on setting up a mastermind group with Stephanie and all of the people who sign up for FavYouTube using my link. Sign up now and become a part of the success team!

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