The ransom note says:

Labor: $836.50
Parts: $1449.60


My firesale raised $1200 which leaves me a balance of $1259.77 to pay so that my wife can finally release my truck back to me.

Being an Internet Marketer, I have ways of getting the money together, and one of those is to have a sale!

At Extreme Product Explosion, a Silver Membership grants you access to everything in the website except the Gold and Platinum products. You get access to tools for creating products, you get access to the audio and video training. You get access to the JV area and the Member to Member offer area. In all, Silver Membership is worth the $17 per month that people are paying when they sign up.

I am giving 30 people a chance to get a Lifetime Silver Membership for less than the price of 6 months! This is an unbelievable opportunity, but it is only available for the first 30 people who sign up for it, because I cannot cut the earnings potential of the website by having everyone pay once at the beginning, otherwise, what is the incentive to add more content? With Extreme Product Explosion, I am adding new content all the time, as I have new guests for teleseminars and we discuss how to create products. As I get new content, I add it to the site.

So the only question is, why haven’t you gotten your Lifetime Silver Membership yet?

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

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