People have been asking me if I think it’s really possible to
drive more qualified buyers to websites using a simple system
of no- and low-cost OFFLINE promotion.

Sure, it seems like kind of a crazy idea… but it does really

You can see proof it does here:

What a novel idea! And it’s cool how you don’t have to be
a “techno-wizard” to make their system sing. I think this
is perhaps THE big breakthrough for non-techies.

Why do I think that?

Look, offline promotion has worked for hundreds of years…
BEFORE computers were ever invented! How high tech can it

You really need to check this out:

And the best part is, they’re giving away this cutting-edge
e-learning system. (All you cover is the tiny S&H)

These guys (and a gal) know what they are doing. Between the
team who put the system together, they’ve sold $311,000,000.
No bull, I know these guys.

I also know them well enbough to know, when they say it will
NEVER be available on the net, or in direct mail at no charge
again… they speak the truth.

So go and see if their DRM 2.0 system is right for you:

It will only take you a few minutes to know. Do it now while
it’s fresh in your mind.

Get the free course, and you will be able to choose one of the products from this page to get for free!

I need your help.

I created a website that is FREE for everyone. But I am not
getting enough people there. If everyone on my list went to
that site and left a comment or submitted it to Digg or Stumble-
Upon, it would go viral in 48 hours.

So tell me what I need to do to make it more enticing for people
to go to it. I am already giving the content away for free. No sales
pitches or upsells are there. Not even on opt-in form.

Talk to me. Leave me some comments on the blog, let me
know what content you would like to receive. Everyone got
access to a paid webinar for free (I really did do that by accident,
though) but I want to help as many people as I can, but if I am
not reaching anyone, I am not helping anyone. How can I help

What if I made a contest, or gave away a prize? Would that
interest you? Let me know. In fact, I want to give away one of
the products on this page:

I will select a person at random who signs up for the Video
Skinning opt-in list here:

And give them their choice of a free prize from the list above.
Plus, I will select someone who comments on the blog:

and give them their choice of prizes from the bonus time link.

And everyone else will get a 50% off coupon for any one of
the products on that page. This is a win-win for everyone.
(Everyone who comments and everyone who signs up for
the video-skin video from my link… if you do both, you will get
two chances to win, and two 50% off coupons)

Win Win for both of us!
I will get traffic to my site, you will get great content, plus, you
will receive some bonus coupons, plus you can be a hero to
your friends by sending them to the site for some good content!
(they will also be entered in the drawing if they sign up from the
link on or if they leave a comment).

So let me know what you think of this idea…

Have an amazing day!


PS – Head on over to Easy Selling Success and let me know what other content you would like, if the video is any good, etc.

Tell your friends, forward this email, social bookmark the site…

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