Before I talk too much about the conversion issue, let me tell you about a sale I am having on List Blueprint until June 25, at 5:25PM ET.

Normally selling for $9.97, I thought that more people needed to get their lists built up quickly, so I am offering this step by step guide to list building for a reduced price for a couple days only!

Converting Products Fast Without The Sales Page!

Keith Wellman just shocked the marketing world by revealing his strategy for increasing conversions on Clickbank products by using a technique called video skinning… He spent quite a bit of time explaining exactly how he did it and how you can do it, too.

Watch this Video Skinning Tutorial Now before he takes it down. Over 7000 people watched this video yesterday, and the chances are good another 7000 will watch it today!

In other news, the Direct Response Marketing Team have announced that they are giving away their Direct Response Marketing Course FOR FREE! All you pay for is the shipping! It launches at 2:00PM, but you might be able to get an early bird if you register at the video page.

New Video Going Up At Easy Selling Success

I am putting up my Headlines Video at Easy Selling Success later today. You will want to check it out. I went through the training of Mark Hendricks, Joe Vitale and many others to come up with the headlines video. It even has an exercise for you to create 5 headlines in 30 seconds!

Ok, time to go get ready for my Blog Talk Radio Show… Today’s guest is Jack Humphrey! Going to be an extended episode, since Jack is hard to stop when he gets to talking!

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