Have you ever wanted a blog that you didn’t have to do anything to? One that would have new articles written for you and be updated to the latest secure version of WordPress?
I am launching a product next week and I need 10 people who would be trying it out for a minimum of 3 months. I can’t offer it for free, but I can give it to you at my cost for as long as you want to be a part of the program.I am not making anything on this because the paypal fees pretty much take everything, but I want to make sure everything is working 100% for the rollout to new customers in a week.
Think about how useful this could be for small business owners who only want the blog to bring in new people to their store and build an optin list. In those cases, you find the business owner, sell them the blog for 3 times what you pay each month, AND you place your own Adsense ads on the blog. All content is generated for them, and they get the love of search engines. You can also offer to set up social network accounts for them, then tie the blog into the social networks, too! Talk about theSocial Net Effect…
The product is a blog content system where I get my network of thousands of authors to write either 500 word articles or 250 word blog posts for your blog. You choose the niche, the affiliate products you want to offer, and I will create set it up for you. Then all you have to do is drive traffic to it. All content and/or updates are provided for the full 3 months. If you want to continue after 3 months, you can renew your account at my cost, after you submit a testimonial.
The cheapest one (at my cost) is $37/month which will be $77 per month when the product is launched. Everyone who beta tests will also be one of the first to be able to offer this for sale as an affiliate. The highest priced package is the Super Package which includes one 500 word article per week, four 250 word blog posts per week and 2 updates per month (plugins and wordpress) for (at my cost) $147/month – $297/month retail.
If this interests you, open a support ticket at http://traf-x.com/helpdesk so I can give you all the details. Be sure and mention that you are interested in the beta test of Hands Off Blogging.
I am offering this to my loyal community members and JV partners first.  I will be making sure the delivery system works, and that the content is of sufficient quality to get your blog a good following and make you commissions. Obviously I can’t promise you certain earnings, because we can’t make claims like that until we have some concrete numbers.
Thanks for being a great community member!
Micheal Savoie
PS – This isn’t something that comes along every day.
Most people will go a lifetime and never see an
opportunity such as this.
I have been selling Directory Websites at
YourDirectoryWebsite.info for a long time, but
this is the first time that I am going to offer them
as bonuses to something.
I don’t know if you understand what Jack Humphrey
is offering, but with your own directory site in their
network, the traffic is in the bag!
Jack told us there were a lot of people who
were mad because a domain or city they
wanted was already gone.  And that they just
gave up after that.

This would be a major mistake.  Being any
part of this network Jack is building is going to
be something the few who get in will talk about
years from now.

What those guys are doing is something that’s
never been done on the web before.  We are
cutting new trail on the web here, which makes
“which” city or domain you get irrelevant.

Being in this network *at all* is the point!

This is something people are telling their friends
and family about.  It is a lifeline being thrown out
to everyone worried about their investments and
their jobs.

So, in light of that, you might want to take another
look at what’s being offered here with new eyes.

This isn’t something that comes along every day.
Most people will go a lifetime and never see an
opportunity such as this.

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