First, you take a $2000 product and offer to give it away for the price of shipping. This will guarantee that you get the attention of most of the world.

Next, you allow all the people with huge lists to tell their subscribers to get on the Early Bird list, and thousands of people signed up for it, something like 40,000 signed up to be exact.  This builds a pressure cooker where you know something has got to give!

Finally, you send out 40,000 emails to the VIP list at 10:40AM and when 10% of that list hits the server at the same time, you end up with a major meltdown! The server was handling traffic ok, but the database was only able to handle 255 simultaneous connections.  That explains the sudden drop in functionality of the website!

So it was with the Butterfly Marketing 2.0 Giveaway!

I had people asking me if I thought it was a ploy to sell more copies.  After I laughed in their face for a few minutes, I responded that you cannot script something like this, and it is too much trouble to go through to make a fake server crash and then sell 10,000 units.

First of all, why would you want to give away that many units at basically cost? I am sure he is going to be relaunching at full price in a little while and crushing it!  The course is definitely worth every penny he was charging for it, and not that it isn’t worth that now…

Enter The Affiliate Classroom!

When Mike Filsaime discussed this launch with Anik Singal, the Affiliate and PPC Classroom guru had just finished killing it with a giveaway of his own PPC Classroom. He ended up making millions by giving away his best stuff!

Two of Internet Marketing’s “Heavy Hitters”, Mike Filsaime and Anik Singal have joined forces this year and have created a brand new money getting system.

It’s called “Launch Tree.”

Launch Tree will teach you EXACTLY how PPC Classroom built a $10M+ Business by giving away free DVDs for 6 days…

How Mike Filsaime Built a $10M+ Business giving away Free software…

===> How you’re leaving 456% of your money on the table…

===> How 3 “15 Second” tweaks made a marketer $350,000 more in 90 days…

Launch Tree is live and I am giving you two products for $1 each if you buy from me!
Click here to buy Launch Tree now!

Here is the deal. Just go to my bonus page and select two products. Then tell my help desk which two products you would like and you will receive two coupon codes good for the products you requested for $1 each!

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Have an amazing day!


PS – Bernie Dorman got plugged!

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