When you create products, you work on making a great product that people will want to buy, that will solve a problem and that affiliates and JV partners will want to sell.  You don’t have a lot of time to recruit and train affiliates on the best methods to promote your product.

Affiliate Managers are awesome because they do the recruiting and training for you, but when you are just getting started, the 10 – 25% override commissions they get in addition to the commissions you pay the affiliates can get expensive.

So product owners typically end up doing a poor job of it themselves.

What To Do To Make Your Product Easier To Sell

  • First of all, you need to create affiliate tools. Banners, PPC ads, Corner Peels, prewritten emails are all vital to the success of your affiiates, especially if you are not offering them a trial of the product.
  • Teach your affiliates how to use peel ads, blog posts, email blasts and even PPC to help YOU get more sales.  Remember that if an affiliate fails to make sales, they won’t keep trying to market your product, they will think it was your product that sucked, not their marketing efforts.
  • Remind your affiliates about your product with regular mailings about bonuses you are offering, prizes that you are giving away to top performing affiliates and basically give them selling points to cover in an email to their subscribers.
  • Offer to do live webinars, teleseminars or  ustream broadcasts with them to get more sales.  Often, customers must hear your name multiple times before they recognize you as an expert in a topic.  Affiliates can help you get that recognition while boosting their conversions by introducing you as the expert and then letting you show off your knowledge by giving a lot of great content.  Give resell rights to the recording away to purchasers of the product as a bonus for acting now.  The sales will then come in even after the event was recorded because people who get the recording will be making purchases as your name is being touted around the world!

All these things will build a stronger relationship between you, your affiliates and your customers (their subscribers) and future sales will be much simpler as the affiliate will be more likely to jump on board new product launches because they have gotten great results from their previous relationship with you.

Simple Solution – Like Having An Easy Button Affiliate Manager

Kristen Arnold has worked behind the scenes for people like Carrie Wilkerson in various capacities and she found that affiliate managers all had to do the same repetitive tasks.  She also delved into the world of product ownership and didn’t want to have to train her affiliates the way she had to train other people’s affiliates. So she created a simple affiliate system that anyone could use to train affiliates in a very hands off method.


This system has 52 weeks of training emails written and ready to upload to your autoresponder for new affiliates to start receiving.  Each step will take the new affiliate through different aspects of promoting a product, so that if you have an evergreen product, your affiliate can be selling your product throughout the year as they learn the various ways that they can promote your product.  The best part about this method is that by the time you have a new product ready to launch, you will have a trained crew of affiliates ready to sell your new product with all the new methods they have been drilled on!


One thing though…

52 weeks is a long time. What if your affiliates don’t all want to wait that long for all of your training?  Wouldn’t it be cool to make it possible for your affiliates to learn at their own pace?

I came up with a solution that you can set up on a JV blog, and coupled with your autoresponder, you can keep refreshing the memories of the seasoned pros and teach the ones that take longer to teach.  What I will do is give you the step by step manual on how to set up the self paced training program if you purchase Easy Button Affiliate Manager from my link.

To claim your bonus, just visit:


Make the purchase, and then submit a help desk ticket at


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Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

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