I am totally blown away.

I just opened the pdf of module 1 and tears are streaming down my face as I see how much help David Preston’s Workshops are going to do for people.

Imagine setting up a workshop in your town, where you get business owners to pay $97 each (per month) to come learn about how to get more traffic online from you!

This package has it all, how to get business owners to pay for the hotel, how to get others to promote for you, even what to cover in the workshops! You will have it! He even includes one free month of his Offline Forum!


David Preston has made more money than anyone else consulting to the offline market. He has a reputation on the Warrior Forum as the man who taught the Cash Cow method. And HE GAVE THAT AWAY FOR FREE!

But trust me when I tell you that you will make triple your money on this course, because if you just follow along and DO each step exactly how he lays it out, YOU CANNOT FAIL!


If you are not interested in the offline market, then ignore this email, but I have been trying to work with offline businesses for a long time now, and this package gave me everything that I had been looking for! Everything!

And is that is not enough, everyone who gets the David Preston Offline Workshop Package will get access to My Blogging School for as long as you stay a member of his Offline Marketing Forum! You can easily make the $97 per month for the Forum access by adding one new small business to your monthly workshops.

So hurry and grab your Cash Cow Workshop Package from Legendary Offline Business Consultant David Preston!


Just open a support ticket to get your bonus My Blogging School membership!


Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

PS – Don’t forget about the PPC Classroom free DVD offer! You can’t miss with FREE!


Pardon the name, but it doesn’t get more special than that…lol

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