Intimidated by installing scripts on your website or setting up blogs and other web 2.0 pages?  Imagine having someone talk you through and show you step by step on your computer while you pause it and rewind it as you do each step.  This is not a figment of your imagination, you can get training on all of the following:

All of the video training is going to be set up as a membership site, so that you can log in and watch it over and over.  You pay once and you have access.  The only exception to this is My Blogging School which will be an ongoing membership site with an annual plan and monthly plan.

Finally, you can have your own email service with your own domain (which you could choose a niche specific domain for a stronger customer bond) where you will be in control of the links in emails, the ads in the member area and be building a niche specific list at the same time!

I currently do not have a video training module for the enterprise mailer, but the support desk is very good, and they include instructions. Plans are in place to create a video training module for this in the future.

Have an amazing day!

Micheal Savoie

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