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Just 2 months ago, at a closed door event, Mike Koenigs I took 39 business owners through the Publish and Profit master class. He even brainstormed their book titles and created a cover for them.

The result?

Within 4 weeks, 26 of 39 had a published book and most achieved best seller status.

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Now it’s your turn. I’d like to help you launch a #1 best selling book and Mike’s team is offering to create your next book cover for you.

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He’ll do it for the first 25 who watch this video. And then he’ll take another 25 at random later this week.

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All of the instructions on how to get your book cover done are in this video.

Reprinted with permission from Online Video Workshop

This Week In Video Marketing: September 28 2014



Whiteboard graphics for your videos:


My Video Pal

A complete toolkit of PowerPoint Video Creation tools!



Making sales videos just got easier with Alex Jeffreys’ Million Dollar Sales Video Formula, where he grabs you by the hand and reveals his privately guarded secrets to making million dollar sales videos:


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You know that old saying. “Picture is worth a thousand words?”  That is EXACTLY how you are going to solve this difficult problem and the time it takes you to do it is less than 15 min. 😉

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PS – Did you hear about the early bird special for Instant Video Templates Version 3?


Peter Beattie has done it again! He has come out with another version of his famous Instant Video Templates! In IVT Version 3, the Instant Video Templates cover some of the most requested niches as well as some cool promotional templates.

Here are just a few highlights of what inside Version 3:

  • 14 New Templates
  • 140 Characters, Objects and Backgrounds
  • Dating Niche
  • Real Estate
  • Promo Templates
  • Chiropractor Niche
  • World Leaders Characters
  • Famous people characters
  • And much more!

So head on over to Instant Video Templates Version 3 and watch the video:


You can never have too many video marketing tools, in my opinion.

If you haven’t seen what you can do with PowerPoint and Instant Video Templates, look at this video:


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PS – This is launching August 12 at 11AM, but you can get registered for the early bird and save even more!

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