Blogging doesn’t have to be stationary… My new phone comes with a WordPress app(lication) that allows me to moderate my comments, write new posts and upload new photos. Part of a good blog is the ability to keep it current with what is happening now. With a mobile blog app, you can uload photos, post […]

Yvonne was pointing out that the $20 discount & the $582 worth of bonuses that we are giving to everyone who purchased Send Button Profits is not nearly big enough to entice some of our more reserved readers. She told me, "You know that when you first used Send Button Profits, you were blown away […]

It really makes me mad! A really awesome offer comes out, and it is only available for the first 500 people or only available for 7 days! I understand why they do it, because too many people buying the same product means it has absolutely no value… but it still irritates me when my customers […]

You may have been watching the incredible events of the past few weeks and wondered how a person can keep up with it all. The first thing you need to remember is that not everything is mandatory in IM. People are making money using all different kinds of tactics. So if you miss out on […]

Jeremy Burns just revealed what is in his 10th edition of Source Code Gold Mine: Not only that, but he announced that the first 100 spots get the 10 products with FULL PLR for $100 off the regular price! But since that means SCGM will be selling out faster than usual, I went ahead […]