After they launched CPA Ninja, I thought Marty Rozmanith and Matt Trainer were done giving away “free stuff.” Boy was I wrong. The boys have just decided to GIVE AWAY Matt Trainer’s famous “Google Goggles” software to YOU by going right now to What the heck are Google Goggles? What the heck is “Google […]

Now that I have your attention. Here is one of 13 Sneaky Email Tricks, check out the other 12 at: This one is my gift to you… Fact: Only 20-30% of your list will EVER open any email you send them EVER….the first time. Ouch huh? Here is the big ah-ha. Take the list […]

The announcement that you have been waiting for. Bonuses for buying someone’s product is a great way to get people to change their mind about whom to buy a product from. With Keith Wellman’s Easy Sales Formula, you are going to be bombarded with bonus offers. Mine took a lot of thought. First I wanted […]

People have been asking me if I think it’s really possible to drive more qualified buyers to websites using a simple system of no- and low-cost OFFLINE promotion. Sure, it seems like kind of a crazy idea… but it does really work. You can see proof it does here: What a novel idea! And […]

I need your help. I created a website that is FREE for everyone. But I am not getting enough people there. If everyone on my list went to that site and left a comment or submitted it to Digg or Stumble- Upon, it would go viral in 48 hours. So tell me what I […]