Remember Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace? He used to plot for ways to get Dennis in trouble so that he would stop bugging him. Everything Dennis did just enraged Mr. Wilson a little more… If Mr. Wilson had an Internet connection, he would be one of those guys who’d complain about the pop over, […]

Have you ever wanted a blog that you didn’t have to do anything to? One that would have new articles written for you and be updated to the latest secure version of WordPress? I am launching a product next week and I need 10 people who would be trying it out for a minimum of […]

Easy Speaker Success Tips Felicia Slattery is the definition of credibility. You see her among experts, she is the one they are asking for advice. Her demeanor is one of the teacher, yet is friendly and approachable. When you put her on a stage, she is in her element. Felicia teaches a course called Credibility […]