I am totally blown away. I just opened the pdf of module 1 and tears are streaming down my face as I see how much help David Preston’s Workshops are going to do for people. Imagine setting up a workshop in your town, where you get business owners to pay $97 each (per month) to […]

Social Networks are amazing fun!  You get to shoot the breeze with friends from around the world, which can be a blast!  Sometimes it is too fun, and you end up spending too much time making friends and not enough doing actual work and your income suffers. I just found a cool service that allows […]

Everyone is looking for the Easy Button!  Marketers everywhere are flocking in droves to find the solution to make the transition from broke to wealthy.  Problem is, when it is staring them in the face, they ignore it because it looks too much like work! I went and did it! I used a four letter […]

Imagine this… A user does a search on google for a product that is sold by clickbank or amazon and at the top of the searches comes up what they are looking for but with your affiliate attached. Yup no matter what they search for your affiliate will always come up number one and two […]