Unleash An Avalanche Of Targeted Pre-Sold Traffic By Recycling Your Articles On You Tube When you see headlines and subject lines like that, it really grabs your attention, doesn’t it? Turns out that Kevin Riley is a master at wordcrafting, which works out very well indeed, since he is also very good at creating products […]

In marketing and in life, perceptions mean the difference between success and failure.  Products that seem to have an advantage over another will command a higher price and will dominate a market.  Our marketing should have a way to separate us over the competition. What people believe influences their decisions to the point that it […]

About a year ago I ran one of the most successful promotions that my ezine has ever seen. Not just in dollars earned – although that was nice – but mainly in the incredible positive response that I got back from people who purchased. It’s not often youget letters of thanks when people buy through […]

When I was first introduced to Internet Marketing I was amazed that I could write an ebook and then sell it for $25 on my website. It was pretty easy to figure out that I would have to sell 200 ebooks a month to get to my income goal of $5,000. That didn’t sound too […]

My latest project has just launched and now I am going to do something exciting! The IMpact Action Team is working on a project with Deremiah *CPE to raise awareness and funding for the prevention of Teen Suicide! So I am having a contest to help raise awareness and drive traffic to the Speak Up […]