Back in the days of the San Francisco goldrush, many people made off with armloads of cash, but only a few people actually found gold… If you haven’t had a chance to read my blog, or my new best friend Felicia Slattery’s ezine or blog during the past few weeks, you’ve missed out on the […]

Listening to the news makes my stomach knot up. If you were to believe everything that you hear on there, you would have had the poisoned kool-aid and ended it all years ago. What is your plan?In business, you want to plan for slow times and make your own success. Don’t rely on public opinion […]

Having a website on the Internet is necessary – no, critical – to your online success, but it is not the only thing you need. You should have a multi-tiered approach to getting traffic by using incoming links from highly social websites as you build your brand. But a lot of people are selling products […]

With a noisy marketplace the only way to really be recognized is by seeming to understand your customer by first knowing who they are, figuring out what problem they need you to solve for them and how much they are willing to pay to have that problem solved. Understand your ideal customer… Ask them what […]