Having friends who know more than me about a lot of different topics is a love/hate thing… They always correct you when you are wrong, they never let you finish a sentence before they tell you the faults in your logic… But the also don’t let you mess up when you are losing money! Alex […]

Beware you newbie who just found out about the next best thing since sliced bread:The Giveaway! As someone who has operated giveaways over the past year, I have greatly benefited, but I also realized how flawed the whole genre is and how a few marketers are making a lot of money at the expense of […]

Can you imagine if the world was just one large sales pitch? I just watched The Big Idea where Dave Lakhani and Michael Port were guests and they were discussing sales. It was hilarious when one of the commercial breaks came on and the people who sell stuff on TV came on and did the […]