If you are ready to start your first project or your next one, it is always a good idea to bounce your ideas off of others to help get you going in the right direction.  When I was in Orlando and Las Vegas, I got to spend time with quite a few marketers at all […]

The toughest part is gathering the group together…  Once you have them in the same room, you just ask everyone in the room to answer a question that is typically asked in the common niche of the group! So at a chiropractor’s convention, you would ask everyone to give one tip that they are famous […]

Eric Holmlund just broke new ground by making product creation history!  In a 90 minute presentation, he harnessed the power of a roomful of master marketers and got each one of us to give him one or more tips about joint ventures.  So 72 people submitted their best tips and Eric made everyone split up […]