Many people tell me they can’t create a product because they don’t have money to buy the tools that I recommend. When that happens, you should take inventory of your assets. Figure out what you can do right now to begin earning the money that you will need to pay for the tools (software, ebooks, […]

I was going to wait until after the holidays to announce this, but the medical bills are forcing me to reevaluate the situation.  I am going to sell 20 spots to my coaching program where I will help all of the members overcome the obstacles that are keeping them from creating products that can make […]

That Bernie may seem a little strange, but he is shrewd in the way he set this up. He tells you how to do what Affiliate Elite does manually, and he lets you brand the ebook and give it away for free. I like it.

Even a webinar can be a product if it is filled with enough content.  That’s why I was thinking of asking Dr. Mike Woo Ming and Howie Schwartz if I could place the webinar in an ebook and sell it… Then I thought about it, I can give it away.  That would still do the […]