Are you freaking kidding me? Only 200 people will be allowed to get this. I don’t see how you are going to get the chance to sign up for this… really, because some of the biggest names in the business are promoting it. I know someone who knows someone who told me that when Ross […]

When I am driving my car into Ocala, Florida, it can take up to an hour to get there. This non-productive time is usually spent listening to CD’s or the radio. My favorite is listening to my course materials from BBO Traffic Formula, so that I am learning how to create a massive list and […]

From start to finish, it took two weeks to create. At 9:00AM EST, the doors open on this product that we created – Willie Crawford, Scott & Sharlene Raven, Dr. Mani, Case Stevens, Kenth Nasstrom, Patrick Pretty, Bev Clement, David Schwartz, AnnMarie Callan, Daniel Taylor, Thea Swafford, Gary Knuckles, Jack Bastide, Michelle Brouse, Jeremy Estes, […]