Obstacle awaits you in this enchanting Solitaire game.

Sign up for Helena and her loyal friend Kingsley on their journey to reveal the wonders of the Historical World.

Find the indications by catching the Scarabs secret beneath the Cards. You can match a Card that is definitely one higher or lower than the one on your deck.

Capture the running Scarabs and expose clues to help you on your trip and reveal the long-hidden treasures as well as magic of the Ancients. Pyramid solitaire saga download can be obtained for worldwide users.

Finalized each episode to reveal a private treasure and transport to enchanting new worlds on a quest to reignite Khepri's prophecy.

Explore the misplaced places worldwide where epic adventures await you in The Invisible Tomb, The Emerald Dream and beyond!

Take on this Saga only or play with friends to refer to who can get the highest ranking!

Pyramid solitaire saga download is perfectly free to play but some in-game products such as extra moves or perhaps lives will require payment.

By receiving this game you are agreeing to our terms of use

Features of pyramid solitaire saga download game:

- Adventure a new way of playing Solitaire with rich as well as exotic graphics been put into effect Ancient Times

- Transport to wonderful new planets with Helena the Treasure Huntsman and Kingsley the cunning gerbil

- Powerful enhancers to help with demanding levels

- Trip through fascinating levels to release boosters and hidden treasures!

- Easy and also fun to play, challenging to master

- Numerous adventurous levels to complete much more to come!

- Leaderboards to watch your friends as well as competitors!

- Quite easily sync the game between devices and unlock full video game features when connected to the World-wide-web

- Available to play on mobile together with tablet devices

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Try to find the clues by captivating the Scarabs unseen beneath the Cards. You can match a Card that is one bigger or lower than the one on your current deck.

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