Meet up with Boo, your own virtual pet dog! Enjoy a lot of time of fun in this addictive as well as entertaining game brought to you by Tapps Games!

Every Boo is like an actual pet that needs lots of focus, and your task is to take care of it in the best way possible. Feed it, wash up it, look after its health, put it to get to sleep and play with your Boo - although have a lot of fun with over twenty thrilling smaller games which will surely keep you busy as well as your Boo happy as a pet dog!

In the event that Your Boo is hungry, You can find an array of yummy and healthy food in the pantry: from yummy tacos to some soft barbecue ribs, and even a portion of octopus sashimi if you're in the touch for a more unique food! Your sweet tooth will be satisfied with mouthwatering candies, like pumpkin pies, milkshakes, and vibrant lollipops!

You can also dress up your boo in any manner you like! Visit his closet and style it just like your favorite movie or book character! Choose its wild hair and customize, from top hats to a regal crown, or even a leprechaun hat! Choose your attire! From formalised to the fun - and also every style in between! You should buy new stuff to customize your Boo as you level up!. If you will not want to purchase then you can go with my boo your virtual pet game mod apk

Your boo could possibly get dirty every once in awhile, and like any other pet, a bathroom is critical! Taking care of your pet also entails giving it some medication any time needed, you can play with magic potions and energy cold drinks! You can also beautify its house with fun banners and beautiful rugs - not to mention redo the walls with beautiful wallpaper several fancy floors! You'll LOVE this BOOtiful game so much, you won't have the capacity to leave it by yourself!


- Take up your Boo, provide a special name and watch it grow up! It is therefore cute!

- DRESS it ahead of countless clothes to give your Boo the best seem! Just they method you want!

- FEED Boo with candy, cookies, fruits, pizza or maybe sushi for a treat! Tasty!

- TICKLE, play keepie-uppie, trampoline or jump rope with your Boo to maintain it happy and also smiling!

After observing Highlights you may think about my boo your virtual pet game mod apk to download.

And lot more! There's continually so much to perform in My Boo!


Get pleasure from exciting small games and earn coins to obtain items and also food for your Boo!

- Boo Mix - Match Boos in a 2048 style wildlife

- Piano Boo - Tap the Boos and also avoid the white tiles

You can get easily each and every features with the help of my boo your virtual pet game mod apk

And also a lot more!

Bear I mind! This game is free of charge to play, but it contains items that can be purchased for actual money. Some capabilities and extras mentioned in the outline may also need to be purchased for real money.

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